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Ticket for

1 hour of jumps

Enjoy one hour of jumps and unlimited access to all our facilities for 60 minutes. Have a blast at Elevation Trampoline!

$23 +tx

+ $10 per additional hour

Ticket for

2 hours of jumps

1 hour isn’t enough? Opt for our 2-hour jumping package for twice the fun! Have a blast at Elevation Trampoline!

$29 +tx

+ $10 per additional hour

Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Family Package

Family of 4? Take advantage of our package and come jump as a family for an hour. Have a blast at Elevation Trampoline!

$40 +tx

Up to 4 people

VIP Pass

Wild Thursdays

Thursdays at Elevation Trampoline are wild! Get an all-day pass for one low price.

$23 +tx

Unlimited jump time!

Friday Fly Nights

Jump in the dark

Enjoy an hour of jumps in the dark and unlimited access to all our facilities. Have fun every Friday from 7pm to 11pm at Elevation Trampoline!

$23 +tx

per hour of jump time

Promotions are not valid during vacations, spring break, statutory holidays and any other exclusion period to be determined by Elevation Trampoline. We reserve the right to modify or cancel promotions at our discretion at any time.

Please note that non-operational activities do not entitle you to a full or partial refund of your ticket.

*Elevation Trampoline grip socks are mandatory

Our health and safety measures

At Elevation Trampoline, the health and safety of your children, as well as that of everyone who visits one of our trampoline centers, is of paramount importance to us. We want to offer you a safe place where people of all ages can enjoy themselves like children.

Our opening hours

Élévation Trampoline uses a common schedule for all its centers to make the booking process as simple as possible for you.

Sunday: 10am to 9pm

Monday: 10am to 9pm

Tuesday: 10am to 9pm

Wednesday: 10am to 9pm

Thursday: 10am to 9pm

Friday: 10am to 11pm

Saturday: 10am to 11pm