Having fun in a safe environment

Health & Safety

Your safety is our first priority!

At Elevation Trampoline, the safety of all our jumpers is extremely important to us. That’s why we have safety rules to follow for everyone’s benefit.

Dress appropriately

Before you come and have fun at one of our trampoline centers, here’s our advice.

We recommend you wear workout clothes or breathable clothing, such as shorts and a sweater. Wear comfortable, breathable clothes. You’ll be much more comfortable having fun and jumping on our trampolines.

Also, Elevation Trampoline non-slip socks are mandatory. Bring in an old pair from another trampoline center and we’ll change them for free. Alternatively, you can purchase one of our pairs for only $3.50.

Jumping Safely

Here are a few guidelines to follow to ensure a safe play area for all jumpers. When you enter the playground, you must wear Elevation Trampoline non-slip socks. Also, somersaults (double flips) and double bounces are forbidden. Only one jumper is allowed per jumping surface. Be sure to land on your feet when jumping. If you need to rest, you must leave the playground. Non-consecutive flips are permitted.

Be ready

What should I do before coming to Elevation Trampoline?

First, make sure we’re open for business! Then make sure you’ve signed the disclaimer on our website. It can also be signed on site. Don’t forget your comfortable clothes and non-slip Elevation Trampoline socks for guaranteed fun.