Freestyle Jumping

A gigantic Trampoline floor

Dreaming of a trampoline floor? Your dream has come true!

Discover our gigantic trampoline area. Reveal your inner acrobat and jump as high and as far as you can on our trampoline floor. Surrounded by padding, these freestyle trampolines are a favorite for kids and parents alike.

With trampolines of all sizes and shapes, experience the craziest and most fun ways to bounce with your friends!

Our health and safety measures

At Elevation Trampoline, the health and safety of your children, as well as that of everyone who visits one of our trampoline centers, is of paramount importance to us. We want to offer you a safe place where people of all ages can enjoy themselves like children.

Ideal for younger children!

Our free-fall zone is designed to give you an unlimited jumping experience. The trampolines are arranged so that you can jump and bounce in all directions.

You can soar through the air, do flips and somersaults, all while having fun in complete safety. Children and adults of all ages can enjoy our free jump zone. Come and try it out!