Fun for the whole family!

Electrifying activities in Montreal

Battle Beam

Test your balance and combat skills on the Battle Beam! Armed with soft sticks, your mission is to knock your opponent into the foam pit below. It’s a jousting match where the best jumper wins! 

Climbing Tower

An all-around Rock-climbing experience that’s sure to pump up the adrenaline. Securely strapped into a harness with our attentive monitors ensuring your safety, you’ll climb around a circular tower. Reach for the top and when you’re ready, slowly slide back down. It’s an exhilarating way to climb, conquer, and fly, all under the watchful eyes of our experienced monitors.


Get ready to dodge, jump, and dive in our extreme Dodgeball arena! Combining the classic thrill of dodgeball with the high-flying fun of trampolines, this is where you can put your agility to the test!

Walking Wall

Our high-performance trampolines will send you soaring to new heights. Feel the rush as you bounce higher and higher, then take your adventure vertical by walking up a wall. Whether you’re bouncing back to the trampoline or stepping up onto the high platform, every jump is a chance to walk on air!

Our health and safety measures

At Elevation Trampoline, the health and safety of your children, as well as that of everyone who visits one of our trampoline centers, is of paramount importance to us. We want to offer you a safe place where people of all ages can enjoy themselves like children.

Slam Dunk

Slam dunk like a pro in our Basketball zone! Here, long trampolines give you the superhuman ability to soar and score. Experience the thrill of dunking in slow motion, high above the rim. Make your NBA dream come true!

Stunt Airbag

Fly high and land safe in our Airbag Stunt zone! This giant air mattress is your safety net as you jump and flip from trampolines or elevated platforms. It’s all about taking that leap of faith – with a soft landing guaranteed.

Ninja Warrior

Channel your inner ninja on our Ninja Warrior Course! Tackle a gauntlet of obstacles, from swinging ropes to monkey bars and more! Show off your strength, speed, and skill to get to the end without taking a fall. Are you up for the challenge?

Freestyle Area

Unleash your acrobatics in our Freestyle Area! Bounce off walls and trampolines as you flip, twist, and leap in a world where gravity is off! This is your canvas to paint the air with your most creative moves.